Haviland Durachlor Rust-N-Scale Preventer

Brand: Durachlor
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Size: 1 qt


The Durachlor Rust-N-Scale Preventer works to prevent common staining issues when metals are present in pool water. This granular product will help reduce the scale build up on pool surfaces and equipment. The product works by creating a microscopic film that protects all interior surfaces. Not only will it protect the surfaces in your pool, but it is safe with all types of surfaces and equipment.

  • Prevents rust formation
  • Aids in reducing the build up of scale
  • Safe with all types of surfaces and equipment


Do not mix with other chemicals, always add chemical to water, and never add water to chemicals. This product can be added to your pool water at any time during the pool season and is not dependent on water temperature.

Initial Dose:

  1. If the pool has metal stains, use (liquid) Durachlor Rust-N-Scale prior to use, according to directions.
  2. Backwash or clean filter prior to use.
  3. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6 and totalt alkalinity to 80-120 ppm. If sanitizing with chlorine or bromine, these levels should be at or below 3 ppm. Avoid shocking (superchlorinating) pool water for up to 1 week< after application. Safe for use in conjunction with other sanitizers and disinfectants./li>
  4. Apply product in the evening or at least 8 an hour period of time when when the pool is not in use. With the filter system operating, add this product around the perimeter of the pool water at the rate of 2 pounds per 10,000 gallons. If there is a metal content exceeding 2 ppm present, double the initial dose.
  5. Continuously operate filter seem for 48 hours.
  6. After 48 hours resume normal pool operation. For pools with sand or DE filters, backwash according to manufacturer's recommendations. For best results, use a cartridge cleaning chemical to clean the media before replacing the filter.

Maintenance Dose:

Apply 2-4 oz per 10,000 gallons weekly. Double the maintenance dose if source water contains copper or iron levels exceeding 1.0 ppm.

Pool may be shocked (superchlorinate) 1-2 hours after maintenance dose. Swimming may continue 15 minutes after after maintenance dose, as long as free chlorine levels are at or below 3.0 ppm.