GLB Pool Closing Kit

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The GLB Pool Closing Kit is a three-part system that eliminates contaminants with Oxy-Brite, prevents algae growth with Algimycin Winter Algaecide, and provides mineral protection from scaling and staining during the winter months with Sequa-Sol. It contains everything needed to close your pool. This kit makes spring pool opening virtually hassle-free. The Pool Closing Kit is compatible with ozone, chlorine, and bromine sanitizers. It also works great with salt water pools.


1 kit per 12,000 gallons of water.


Clean Up:

  1. Brush pool walls and floor. Vacuum any debris from pool bottom.
  2. Clean the filter with Filter Cleanse.
  3. Lower the water in area where water must be lowered due to freezing conditions. Drain all water from pipes, pumps, heaters, filters, and other pool equipment to prevent damage due to freezing. If in a mild climate where pool is left full and uncovered, confirm with manufacturers directions if the filtration system should continue to operate.

Treat the Water:

  1. Add Oxy-Brite shock treatment (1 lb. / 10,000 gallons) to destroy organic contaminants.
  2. Add Algimycin Winter Algaecide (32 oz. / 12,000 gallons) to prevent algae growth.
  3. Add Sequa-Sol sequestering agent (16 oz. / 12,000 gallons) to protect pool from staining and scale formation.

If in mild climate where the pool is left full and uncovered with the filtration system still operating, regularly add GLB Sanitizer, Algimycin Winter, and Sequa-Sol.