Brilliance For Spas Sanitizer

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The Brilliance For Spas Sanitizer is the base chemical for the entire Brilliance For Spas product line, which supplies a concentrated source of active bromine. This slow dissolving chlorine-free disinfectant will evenly disperse in spa floaters allowing for constant sanitation.

  • Spa bromine sanitizer
  • Chlorine free
  • Works on all spa surfaces
  • Evenly dissolves in Brilliance For Spas Floaters


Disinfecting Spas and Hot Tubs:

When used as directed, Brilliance for spas Sanitizer is an effective disinfectant for your spa or hot tub water, keeping it clean, clear, and free of odor. This product gives the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor. Take a sample of water to your authorized Brilliance for spas dealer regularly for detailed analysis.

To start up a new spa or one recently drained, clean all surfaces, backflush or clean the filter, chemically balance the calcium hardness and total alkalinity, treat for iron, copper, and manganese if present. Adjust the pH to 7.2-7.8, prior too initiating treatment with this product.

Place this product in suitable feeder. Adjust the feeder according to the manufacturer's directions to maintain an active bromine level of between 2-4 ppm in residential spas and 3-6 ppm in commercial spas. Check your feeder regularly and add additional product as needed. Maintenance of residual is dependent on water temperature, light intensity and bather load, and requires frequent checks with a test kit. Use reliable test kit for the bromine measurements. The pump and filter should be operated at least three hour everyday regardless of use. Outdoor hot tubs and spas may require more frequent cleaning and treatment of this product.

To maintain clear, clean water and ensure performance of your spa or hot tub chemicals, water should be drained and spa or hot tub refilled with fresh water every 60 days. When using other products as outlined in directions for this product, always follow directions on those products.

Do not directly mix this product in concentrated form with any other chemicals. Do not add other chemicals in feeder when using this product. A violent reaction leading to fire and/ or explosion could result. After application, ensure that the bromine level is below 7.5 ppm before reentering the spa or hot tub.


1, 3-dibromo-5, 5-dimethylhydantoin: 99.4%

Other Ingredients: 0.6%

Available Bromine: 111%