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AquaChek Sodium Bromide Test Strips (10 count)

By AquaChek

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Product Description

AquaChek Sodium Bromide Test Strips give pool owners a way to check the level of their sodium bromide sanitizer in their pool, which protects your pool against bacteria and other harmful organic compounds. These strips are easy to use and let you avoid handling messy liquid reagents, providing you with accurate results that will make any adjustments hassle-free. Best of all, Sodium Bromide Test Strips are made right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.


  1. Fill a small vial (not included) with about 1 inch of pool or spa water.
  2. Remove one strip from bottle and replace cap immediately.
  3. Insert lower end of strip into water. Keep the top half of the test strip COMPLETELY dry to get an accurate reading.
  4. Leave strip in water until test is complete (when yellow band turns dark, about 3-4 minutes).
  5. Obtain your sodium bromide concentration: note where top of the white peak fallos on the number scale. Read top of peak to the nearest 0.2 division. Locate the sodium bromide concentration next to that reading in the table below.

Keep cap tightly sealed between uses and store at room temperature.