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AquaChek Phosphate Test (20 Count)

By AquaChek

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Product Description

AquaChek Phosphate Test Kit contains everything you need to quickly test your pool for high levels of phosphates, which can cause uncontrollable algae growth that algaecides are powerless against. Phosphates are the primary food source of algae, and their removal will quickly kill off any growth in your pool. This kit will provide accurate results in minutes which you can use to purchase the right products the first time, saving you time and money. Best of all, Phosphate Test Kit is made right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.


  1. Rinse test vial. Fill to the top line with water from the pool.
  2. Empty one powder packet into the vial. Cap vial and shake gently for 1 minute to dissolve the powder.
  3. Remove cap from vial. Hold the vial on the supplied color chart near the color blocks. Look down through the vial and compare it to the various squares until you find the best match. You must do this within two minutes of opening to obtain an accurate phosphate level in parts per billion (ppb).