Aqua Pill WinterPill

Brand: Aqua Pill
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AquaPill WinterPill provides pool owners with a simple, effective way to winterize their pools, simply by dropping this measureless capsule into your pool before installing the cover. Winter Pill floats in the pool underneath the cover all winter, preventing scale buildup, clarifying the water, and maintaining pool filters. This system greatly simplifies spring openings, and is compatible for all pools types and sanitation systems. Made in the USA.


1 pill per 15,000 gallons of water.


  1. Shake well before using. Pierce all dots where indicated with pin provided. Then pierce two additional holes on opposite side of capsule.
  2. Place pill dot side down in the water. Winterpill will float and disperse formula throughout the winter season.
  3. Remove Winterpill and discard in trash next spring. Replace with Springpill to maintain clear, healthy water year-round.