Aqua Chem Alkalinity Increaser

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Aqua Chem Alkalinity Increaser helps to keep your pool water clear and comfortable by raising the total alkalinity to the proper level and stabilizing your pH. Correct alkalinity levels prevent corrosion and scaling of pool equipment, prevents ph bounce and reduces eye irritation.


4 lb per 10,000 gallons of water to raise alkalinity by 30 ppm.


  • Test water before using this product.
  • Total alkalinity shoud be between 80-125 ppm in plaster pools or 125-150 ppm in vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.
  • If total alkalinity is below recommended range for your pool type, addt his product using the dosage chart.
  • Add this product while the pool is not in use by broadcasting the product into the deep end of the pool while the filter and pump are operating.
  • Do not allow undissolved product to remain on the pool surface. Brush undissolved clumps off surface of pool.
  • It is recommended to resume swimming only when total alkalinity has reached ideal range.
  • Allow the pool to circulate for at least two hours, retest the alkalinity level, add more product if needed.
  • After adjusting total alkalinity, test pH and adjust if necessary.


Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate: 100%