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Aqua Chem 1 Inch Chlorinating Tabs (3.75 lb)

By Aqua Chem

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Product Description

Aqua Chem 1 Inch Chlorinating Tabs work perfectly in your pol chlorine feeder or floater. These tabs are designed to kill bacteria and help control algae in your swimming pool. Apply as needed to maintain a chlorine reading of 1-4 ppm.


  • Test and balance water before using this product.
  • If the pool is cloudy or green, add a granular shock; follow application directions on that product.
  • Add tablets to an appropriate feeder or floater to bring chlorine level to 1-4 ppm; refill as need to maintain 1-4 ppm.
  • When chlorine level is adjust to 1-4 ppm, add the algaecide appropriate to your needs.
  • Do not add other chemicals through the feeder when using this product as an explosion might occur.
  • Direct contact with pool surface or equipment may cause damage; do not add directly to pool.
  • Apply more product after heavy use, high temperatures, or rain. To keep water clear, shock pool on a weekly basis.


Trichlorop-S-Triazinetrione: 99%, Other Ingredients: 1%, Available Chlorine: 90%