Omni Pool Chlorine Stabilizer

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Size: 6 lb


Omni Pool Chlorine Stabilizer is a required treatment for any pool exposed to sunlight, which can break down chlorine at the molecular level and render it ineffective at keeping your pool safe. Chlorine Stabilizer's formula is comprised of 100% cyanuric acid, avoiding adding any other unnecessary chemicals into your pool water. After treatment, your pool will use chlorine much more efficiently regardless of the suns intensity on even the hottest days of summer, ensuring your pool will be protected and healthy.


1 lb per 4,000 gallons of water will raise CYA by 30 ppm.


  1. Use 1 pound of this product per 3.000 gallons of pool water to provide an initial stabilizer level of 40 ppm.
  2. The use of 1 pound per 4,000 gallons of pool water will provide an initial stabilizer level of 30 ppm.
  3. Broadcast directly into pool, scattering over the surface of the water.
  4. Use a pool brush to brush any undissolved product off surface.
  5. For pools with plastic piping, this product may be slowly added through the skimmer.
  6. Keep the water circulating continuously for 24 hours after addition.
  7. When the product reaches the filter, there may be a temporary increase in filter pressure which will dissipate as the product dissolves.
  8. Do not backwash filter for 48 hours after application of this product.
  9. Recommended range 30 ppm - 40 ppm.


Cyanuric Acid: 100%