Omni Synergy Initiator

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Size: 12.5 lb


Synergy's Initiator is the first step in converting your pool from traditional sanitizers such as chlorine or bromine to the Synergy System. Initiator's start-up formula only needs to be used once per season to prepare pool water for the Synergy System treatment that will keep your pool cleaner and more comfortable than you could ever have dreamed. Swimmer irritation and foul chemical odors normally associated with chlorine use will be gone forever, as will your need to constantly hand feed chlorine to keep your pool operating at a safe level. This product is perfect for pool owners looking to simplify their routine maintenance without compromising the health and appearance of their system


Initial Treatment:

12.5 lb per 10,000 gallons of water.


Initial Start-up:

  1. Freshly filled pools, new pools, or pools new to the Synergy System should have a water sample tested by a Synergy System dealer.
  2. Consult your Synergy System dealer for initial water balance and start-up procedures.
  3. When using other products recommended by your Synergy System dealer, always follow directions on those products.
  4. Backwash or clean filter before adding Synergy Initiator.
  5. Add 12.5 lb of Synergy Initiator for every 10,000 gallons of pool water by slowly pouring the product into the pool skimmer with the pump operating continuously.
  6. Allow pool water to circulate for 4-8 hours after application.
  7. Do not pour Synergy Initiator into a skimmer if circulation is not evident in the skimmer.
  8. Do not directly combine Synergy Initiator with any other product.
  9. Within 2 weeks after making your Synergy Initiator application, bring a pool water sample to your Synergy dealer. Your dealer can verify that an adequate quantity of Synergy Initiator has been applied. It is necessary that a sufficient amount of Synergy Initiator be applied or the Synergy System will not function properly and substandard results will be obtained.

Routine Maintenance:

  1. Test your pool water on a regular basis for pH and sanitizer residual and adjust as necessary.
  2. Twice a year bring a pool water sample to your Synergy System dealer for testing of your Synergy Initiator level and pool water balance.
  3. If the water level is significantly reduced or drained and refilled, then water should be retested by your dealer.
  4. If your dealer determines that additional Synergy Initiator is required, add amounts indicated by dealer, following initial start-up instructions for proper application.