GLB Test Strips

Brand: GLB
SKU: 71000A
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Size: 50 count


GLB Test Strips for Pools & Spas can be used with both pools and spas to test pH, total alkalinity, and free chlorine or total bromine. A convenient color chart on the side of the bottle makes reading test results easy. This product makes it easy to test your pool or spa water. There is no handling of messy testing solutions and the bottle has a convenient flip top. GLB 4 Way Test Strips are compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitizers, as well as salt water pools.


  1. Immerse strip and swirl 3 times (in a one foot circle).
  2. Remove strip with pads face up and DO NOT shake off access water.
  3. Read results beginning with the end pad (Total Bromine or Free Chlorine) and finish with the pH pad. (Note that either chlorine or bromine are used in pools or spas, not both.)