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Spring Is Coming, Use Chlorine To Get Your Spa Ready

Spring is coming, and some folks will be getting a hot tub going for the first time. Chlorine is a great option to consider when choosing how to treat your spa water. While being closely associated with swimming pools for hundreds of years, Chlorine is still not the first choice that comes to mind for hot tubs. Bromine has been promoted as the correct choice since I can remember. Never mind that there is chlorine mixed into most popular bromine tablets and granular. Never mind that chlorine is more widely available. Bromine's original selling point, as I remember it, is it's stability in hot water. From my practical experience though, it is no more stabile.

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Chlorine is a great choice for hot tub care. It is easy to find. It sanitizes the water well. It can be added in larger doses if the water really gets gross. It dissolves fast and doesn't affect the pH too much.

To use chlorine in your spa, you will keep the level between 2 and 4 ppm on your test strips on a daily basis. You will start out checking the spa daily to make sure that you are keeping a good level. Soon though, you will learn that, for example, you only need to add chlorine on Wednesdays and Sundays. Combine the daily sanitizing of chlorine with stain & scale control and weekly shock treatments and you have a very effective system for maintaining your water. Make sure to test your pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness weekly too. Keeping them in balance will ensure that your heater and plumbing last a good long while.

Here is a link to our no-nonsense chlorine care guide. Bookmark it for easy reference.

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